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What Is Included Within Each Setup?

Each Setup Package Contains The Following

Qualifying Setup

Heat Race Setup

Race Setup 


Fuel Level Is Adjusted For A Standard Race Format

Qualifying (2 Laps) 

Heat Race (8 Laps) 

Race (30 Laps) 

Why Do We Build Setups?

We build setups to help drivers get the results they deserve. Some drivers have more time than others on the iRacing service and that makes a big difference on the adjustments side of things. Loading up into a race event not knowing what is awaiting you is a bit stressful.

Building setups for us is crucial because we know how important that is once race time is right around the corner. Everything adds up and it makes you win races.

Stability, confort, confidence, good feel, capable of running the car everywhere on track is all linked to having a good setup underneath you as a driver. This is a winning strategy.

What Happens If A Setup Gets Updated?

When a setup pack gets updated and you purchased it in the same season, you will be sent back the new version for free via e-mail.

How Often The Setups Gets Build?

Each season of the year on iRacing, the setups are re-built, changed, re-tested, re-tuned, and made for a different car feel for variety and improvements. The setups may get updated and re-uploaded on the website throughout the season. If you bought a setup package and it gets updated, you will be sent the new version. Each setup package has the date of the last update within the description. 

You Need Help With Any Setup Changes or Adjustments?

In case that you need help for any adjustments, questions, or simply want to know an information about a setup pack, you can quickly reach out to our discord community where many other drivers can help you along with us or you can message us to our professional e-mail at